More Reasons for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

It May Cost You More Than You Know

“The single most important behavioral experience that we have” is an s-word. No, it is not (gasp!) sex. It is sleep. That is, according to Russell Foster, an Oxford professor of circadian neuroscience. And most of us (I fall into that category) don’t get enough. Ironically, getting a good night’s sleep was at the top of my list of things to incorporate into the new vision I have for my life.

Black Woman Asleep in Bed

I actually added getting a good night’s sleep to my personal vision statement this past fall, but in my drive to get my blog up and running, care for my mother, and the demands of my day job, sleep somehow took a back seat. However, after listening to some TED Talks on the subject, including one by Foster and another by Jeff Iliff. I am more determined than ever to make sleep a priority. The costs are just too high and the benefits just too good.

Stumbling Due Your Personal Vision?

Here are Two Strategies for Creating One

Happy New Year! Last week, my friend Joe shared about using what God gives us to create God-honoring designs. Does the prospect of creating God-honoring designs feel overwhelming? Are you stumbling around trying to create one? Maybe you need to have your vision checked. Your personal vision, that is.

Stumbling Due to Lack of Personal Vision?

Why? Well, Isaiah 29:18a (CEB) says, “When there’s no vision, the people get out of control.” The Message Bible translates “the people get out of control” to mean “they stumble all over themselves.” Basically, when you can’t see where you are going, you will go anywhere and do anything.