Overcoming Trust Issues

Trusting God: The Path to Trusting Your Mate

In this post, the seventh installment in my summer series on relationships, I share the key to overcoming your trust issues in relationships. This article, like the previous posts in this series, is a reprint from our A Stitch in Time newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading today’s article whether reading for the first time or second!

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Yes, I Can Trust

“Thank you for trusting me…” I smiled when I first read that in an email from Reggie last month. “Of course, I trust him,” I thought to myself. However, it was not always that way. If you know my husband, you might be wondering how I could not trust him.

My lack of trust had nothing to do with Reggie and everything to do with me. Because of the pain of past relationships, I did not trust. I had erected a wall in my heart. I was determined to never let anyone hurt me again. Enough was enough. It was time to take another route.

Time with God was the first stop along this new path. I focused on God, learned His voice, and how He spoke to me. I shudder right now when I remember how nervous I felt when I sensed Him telling me to tear down the wall that I had erected. I did not need the wall because He would protect me if I would trust Him.

I had encountered so much pain doing what I thought was right that I did not trust myself anymore. I was ready to trust God with my relationships. God had never failed me before. Through trusting God, I learned to respond when the Spirit spoke to me about relationships.

The fact is that much of the pain I experienced in the past was because I did not listen when the Spirit spoke. For instance, I remember the Spirit telling me that my first love would end, but I was not ready for it to end. So, I did not end it until I found out that he was seeing another woman. If I had listened to the Spirit, I would have been spared the pain of infidelity. The Spirit would have protected me had I but trusted Him.

So, when the Spirit encouraged me to allow Reggie to be my friend, though I had my doubts, I responded. As I got to know Reggie, I saw Reggie trusting God. Over time, that taught me that I could trust Reggie because he was trusting God.

I tried my way when I was younger, but not now. I didn’t have that kind of time anymore. The thing is that no matter how much time I have it is too precious to waste. I am too precious to waste.

So, I took that step into the unknown trusting God to show me the way. Trusting God that I could one day have a happy, healthy relationship and today I do. I have a happy, healthy relationship. And you can too.

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