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Some Brotherly Advice on Relationships

Last week, I began a summer series on relationships. Part One shares how spending time alone with God prior to beginning a relationship prepared me for my relationship and subsequent marriage with Reggie. However, it didn’t provide any specific details on what that looks like. That is provided this week from another reprint from our A Stitch in Time newsletter. In today’s post my husband, Reginald Sanders, provided some of those details in some brotherly advice he gave my cousin.

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Also, I share it with you this week because this Thursday, June 9th is the fifth anniversary of Reggie’s death. It is my way of remembering him and sharing him. Reginald Sanders is gone, but not forgotten.

From Reginald Sanders

As I said earlier, I’ve been praying concerning you, and GOD and I had a discussion about what you shared. I want you to be encouraged about this note/letter, or whatever you want to term it. After praying to HIM, here’s what I want you to know. Know that this is a very critical and pivotal time for you in your life. You are at a very critical point with God as well.

Because of your big heart, and you are very vulnerable and impressionable at this juncture, it is very important for you to adhere to two things. One, spend time with GOD on a regular, consistent basis by being in HIS WORD, and two, pray daily. I say these two things because, at this point, you need to hear GOD more than ever. So that you can spot counterfeits and phonies, it’s necessary to do this.

By studying HIS WORD, you can get directions, wisdom and guidance on what to do concerning how to move regarding relationships. In a way that you can understand, GOD will make clear to you how to operate and how to conduct yourself through HIS WORD. In the book of Psalms, it says, “THY WORD IS A LAMP TO MY FEET, AND A LIGHT UNTO MY PATH.”

GOD does not want you to be in the dark about relationships. You have a sincere, genuine desire and interest to be in one, and there isn’t a thing wrong with that at all. HIS WORD will help you to be stable and strong regarding your emotions and feelings and HIS WORD will shed truth and light clearly exposing each and every lie.

Prayer will be necessary because this will be the time where you can pour your heart out before HIM. This will be the time where you can talk to HIM freely and openly. You can ask HIM questions about each and every man that comes your way. This is where GOD can share with you what to look for and what HE has for you concerning the standards HE has for your life. HE has your heart in mind, because HE loves you!!!

The combination of studying GOD’S WORD and praying to GOD is necessary because the enemy, Satan (the devil), will send a resemblance of the gift GOD has for you. He will try to get you and catch you off guard by trying to take your natural, GOD-given desire to be in a relationship and make you feel pressure if it hasn’t happened in a certain amount of time. He will also try to make you think you won’t be in one.

However, by studying GOD’S WORD and praying to GOD, the devil is about to find out that you are stronger than he thinks, and that any man that steps towards you will have to step correct and godly. I truly believe GOD will make it so clear to you, and will even send godly people to be of help and assistance to you. Because you are at a vulnerable, impressionable place, GOD will take wonderful care of you during this.

You are about to go on a wonderful and exciting ride with GOD!!! HE’S going to share with you so many wonderful things about your life. HE has already taken into account the one HE has for you, and in HIS time, the man GOD will bring before you as the one will accept you and your children. You children will get along fine with him, because GOD knows how special they are to you. So, the man will treat them right.

As I stated earlier, I’m sending this to you for your encouragement. Should at any time you need to talk or have questions, my wife and I are here for you. It will be a pleasure and a great joy to see what GOD is going to do for you and with you. I truly believe your walk with GOD is about to take off and you will grow beyond your wildest imaginations!!! Be encouraged and be blessed. 😉

Reginald Sanders


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  1. Minister Dawn, I am divorced and I know that I am not in a place to be in a relationship but yet I know one day I hope God sends someone my way. I am enjoying my singleness but fear that I won’t know the counterfeit. Thank you for sharing because this confirms that if I continue to pray and talk to God I will know the difference. THANK YOU!

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